Staff Updates

The great kitchen remodel is finally complete. Jonathan and Sara are relishing the expanded work area, functionality, and beauty of the new space. A couple minor bathroom updates and a replaced deck (the support structure was discovered to be rotten during the kitchen remodel) and they should be set for the foreseeable future. Next up is anticipating the Spring blooms and preparing to attend daughter Ingrid’s college graduation in May.

At the beginning of February, Irina traveled to Portland to attend the CFA Society Portland Annual Investment Strategy Dinner, where she enjoyed a riveting presentation by BlackRock’s Chief Fixed Income Strategist on global economic conditions, monetary policy, yield curve shifts and fixed income strategy. The presentation was quite timely considering the uptick in volatility in both bond and stock markets so far this year. In her free time, Irina is enjoying consuming lots of coffee and studying the material for the upcoming CFA exam in June.

Ocean and blue sky

Beautiful Deception Pass, WA

Jen and John have spent a lot of time on the road the past few months. During the holidays they joined all of the other crazy holiday travelers on the road so they could visit family down south and up north. In January they escaped on a mini vacation and drove up to Whidbey Island, WA to visit Jen’s younger sister and brother-in-law. They were there just in time for some amazing weather, but their trip home was a different story. To get home, they decided to take an extra day and drive down the coast – it rained, hailed, the wind blew like crazy, and waves from the ocean actually brought driftwood and debris onto the road. Since arriving back home they have taken many day trips to the coast but plan to stay in the general area for the time being.

After a little over two years with Journey Tree, Jason is temporarily leaving the workforce to be a stay at home dad with his lovely daughter, Charlie. We greatly appreciate his excellent work helping clients with their financial planning needs and wish him the best. Thanks, Jason.


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