About Us

Journey Tree Financial Planning and Investments was founded in Eugene in 1993 by Jonathan C. Brandt. The firm provides individuals, families, and small businesses with a dependable, central source for financial planning and investment services.

Our Difference

Many investment advisors do not provide financial planning.  We do. We think your chances of financial success are greatly improved if you have a clear road map.

Through the process of financial planning, we become partners with our clients, considering their goals and values, all aspects of their financial lives, and providing oversight and consultation.

We do not have sales goals or commissions for investments, as many investment houses do. This allows us to be entirely focused on the right investments for you.

Finally, we seek to educate our clients about financial concepts in clear and simple ways, avoiding financial jargon. And, we are always available for follow-up conversations as questions arise.

Our Name

The “Journey” in “Journey Tree” represents the partnership that we have with our clients throughout life’s journey. The “Tree” connotes the stability of our investment strategy. It’s rooted in experience, careful research, and prudent decision-making.

Watch Our Video
Narrated by Journey Tree Founder Jonathan C. Brandt.