How We Work

For many people, talking about their financial situation can be uncomfortable. They are unsure if they have made good decisions, they may not feel knowledgeable about investing, and question whether they will have enough money to retire. In our initial meeting, we take a step back and begin by understanding our clients’ goals, dreams, and values, as well as their financial situation.

We then develop a hand crafted financial plan. Unlike the cookie cutter plans offered by many investment houses, our plans are in-depth, holistic, and highly personal.

We review and adapt financial plans as our clients’ lives change. We are also always available to consult with clients regarding major purchases or decisions that affect their finances.

As needed, we facilitate work with other professionals such as estate attorneys, CPAs, and mortgage brokers.

Fee Schedule

Journey Tree has no proprietary products, no inventory of stocks to sell, no research analysts pushing stocks, and no sales quotas. Our focus is singular, and that is to do what’s in the client’s best interest. We are compensated through clearly defined hourly or annual fees.