Staff Updates

The Brandt household has been in the midst of a major remodel since August.  The back of the house was expanded to make room for a larger kitchen, a kitchen eating area, and a formal dining room.  What a disruption!  But things are coming together and we are hopeful everything will be completed in time for Sam and Ingrid’s return for the holidays.


Halloween at Journey Tree: Irina, Irina’s son, John, Jason and Jason’s daughter, Charlie

Irina is pleased to have passed Level II of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam this past June.  She celebrated passing by taking a break from studying to join her husband and son on a trip to Australia at the end of August. Tim was invited by several universities in Brisbane and Melbourne to present on various topics related to his research on Australian composers. Irina is now a Level III Candidate in the CFA program and is back stateside and in full study mode.



A note from Jonathan:

We are delighted to welcome Jennifer Paterson to Journey Tree.  She brings many years of administrative experience, organizational skills, and a great sense of humor to the team.  She is already helping to make things run more smoothly.  Welcome, Jennifer!

Jennifer, her husband, John, and their rescue dog, Luna, come to us from Newberg, Oregon.  In Late October, John was promoted to Assistant Store Manager at the Lowe’s here in Eugene and the plans for the big move were set into motion. Jennifer was a bit skeptical about moving to “Duck Country” being that she is an Oregon State alumni but she has found that Eugene is feeling more and more like home.  With the help of Jonathan and Irina she is getting to know downtown Eugene and all that it has to offer.

On the days Jennifer isn’t working, she and John love to travel up and down the Oregon coast, vacation in Hawaii, and spend time together with their little family of three.  When she’s not busy spending time with her husband, she also likes to take Luna for walks, go wine tasting, and visit her 2 sisters, niece, and nephews.

Our Updated Policy on Money Transfer Requests

Due to the ongoing threat of internet-based fraudulent activity, we have changed our policy on requesting money transfers to and from your accounts with TD Ameritrade. From now on, if you would like money transferred to or from one of your accounts, please call to notify one of our team members verbally. An email alone is no longer sufficient to ensure your request is valid, even if email is the method you have always used to make requests.

If you call our office and no one is available to help, you have two options: 1) leave a detailed voicemail outlining the specifics of your transfer request, or 2) leave a voicemail indicating you would like to request a money transfer and then follow up with an email that outlines the details of your request.

We apologize for any inconvenience this new policy may cause, and we thank you for your understanding as we continue defending against threats of fraud and keeping your money as safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Staff Updates

The Brandt household is hopping these days with both Sam and Ingrid at home for the next 3 months before Sam heads off to graduate school at UCLA and Ingrid goes to Europe as part of her majors in Italian and French. It will no doubt seem pretty quiet at the homestead come September.  In June the Brandt clan flies to the Midwest to see parents and extended family and participate in the 90th birthday party for Sara’s mother. And summer promises to be busy with several visitors and helping to prepare the kids for their departures.

Picture1In April, Irina and her husband, Tim, put their construction and handy-man skills to the ultimate test – the assembly of a playset in their backyard. With some assistance from grandpa and a hand from kind neighbors, but mostly with their own grit, sweat and persistence, Irina and Tim completed the project. The playset is now very much enjoyed by their toddler son and the couple has vowed to keep the rest of 2016 construction-free.

Jason has been enjoying the off-and-on nice weather as much as possible. He was excited to dust off his mountain bike last month and has had a great time riding the nearby trails. He and his wife, Sasha, have been keeping up with Ducks baseball and softball, as well as hiking and visiting the local wineries on occasion. If all goes according to plan, their future holds many evening barbecues and weekend camping trips with friends.