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Jonathan Brandt, CFP®

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Jonathan founded JourneyTree in 1993 because of his passion for helping people make smart financial decisions…

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Jennifer’s 20 years of administrative and customer service experience helps her serve clients and keep the office running smoothly…

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May 28, 2024

For decades, traditional investing has primarily involved three types of investments, and the main decision has been determining how much money to put into each category: Stocks Bonds Cash What are the Risks with Stocks and Bonds? Stocks offered the highest return potential but had the greatest amount of risk given the volatility of stock prices. Bonds were expected to provide some steady income and stability when stocks declined in value during periodic “bear” markets. But bonds had their own…

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May 17, 2024

Nowadays, almost every employer offers some sort of retirement plan for its employees. Sometimes, the employees may not fully understand or even be aware of what is available to them. We have found that many faculty and staff of the University of Oregon are among those who aren’t aware of all their retirement options. 4 Retirement Plans You Should Know About: 1.  Public Employees Retirement System of Oregon (PERS): PERS is a defined benefit (or pension) plan available to eligible…

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April 24, 2024

Much has been made of the Federal Reserve Bank’s fight against inflation. Initially thinking that inflation was “transitory,” the Fed was late in raising interest rates (their main tool to rein in inflation). For most of the previous 15 years, the Fed rate was at 0%. When they began bumping it up, they didn’t stop until the rate was well over 5.0% —one of the most dramatic rate increases in history. So economic conditions are much tighter now, right? As…

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