How We Work

Your Journey, Our Expertise

For many people, talking about their financial situation can be uncomfortable. They are unsure if they have made good decisions, they may not feel knowledgeable about investing, and question whether they will have enough money to retire. In your initial meeting with JourneyTree, we take a step back and review your big picture first. We want to understand your goals, dreams, and values in addition to your financial situation.

We develop a handcrafted financial plan for you.

Unlike the cookie-cutter plans offered by many investment houses, our financial plans are in-depth, holistic, and highly personal. We review and adapt financial plans as your life changes. Considering a major purchase or major life decision? We’re available for consultation to discuss how those changes may impact your long-term and day-to-day finances. And, as needed, we facilitate work with other professionals such as estate attorneys, CPAs, and mortgage brokers.

Clients who benefit most from our services are those who want a long-term partner to assist them in financial planning as well as managing their investments and typically have approximately $500,000 or more to invest. We listen closely to you and work with you to create and implement highly personalized financial and investment plans so you can focus on what you love without worrying about money.


We are fee-only financial planners, which means we don’t take commissions for the investments we choose, or need to meet any sort of sales quota. We’d rather our financial recommendations be based on your needs, not our bottom line.



Before we begin talking about your finances, we want to talk about you. Based on your lifestyle, personal values, your life’s goals, and your whole financial picture, we’ll help you make wise financial decisions.



Who you are at age 25 is different than who you are at age 65. When discussing your financial planning, we take into consideration where you are in life, and the goals you want to reach every step of the way.



Jonathan Brandt is a Certified Financial Planner™ which means he and the team at JourneyTree are held to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in the field. He is certified by the Center for Financial Planner Board of Standards.