Manage An Inheritance

Managing an Inheritance

Putting your new money to work for you.

Major life events are a part of our lives, whether a wedding, a new baby, or the death of family member. When a family member passes away, finances almost always becomes part of the discussion, including inheritances. Inheritances can come in the form of property, accounts, titles and more.

Studies have shown that without appropriate planning, approximately one-third of Americans who receive an inheritance will spend the entire amount within two years. But if managed correctly, an inheritance can provide a safety net or even an additional source of regular income. When you receive an inheritance, we’ll discuss:

  • How the money will support your life and financial goals and plans, or potentially change them
  • How to be a good steward of the inheritance to ensure it provides the greatest benefit to you over the longest period of time
  • The best way to transfer assets to your ownership

The circumstances surrounding inheritances can be emotionally complex. We’ll help you sort through that emotion and think logically and realistically about how to maximize the benefits your inheritance can provide.