Invest Wisely

Investment Plans to Build and Preserve Your Wealth

Rule #1: Hold on to what you’ve got

While we tailor our investment strategy to each client’s particular goals, needs and situation, JourneyTree’s overall philosophy tends to be on the conservative side. We take the long view and, especially for clients in or nearing retirement, we strongly believe in aiming to avoid losses first and achieve modest growth second. That’s just smart.

JourneyTree’s investment planning is based on patience and common sense. From our downtown Eugene office, our team is constantly on the hunt for high-quality investments at reasonable prices. Putting money into quality investments at good prices is a better way to manage a portfolio than always trying to find “the next big thing.” And without commissions or sales quotas getting in our way, our only concern is making the right investment decisions for each of our clients.

Our new investment management clients often ask:

  • My investments have done well so far — but now that I’m close to retirement, what should I change?
  • The stock market seems crazy right now — how can I prepare for whatever might happen next?
  • How can I live off my investments in retirement while also making sure I don’t run out of money?

We’re here to answer your questions about your investments every step of the way.