In April the JourneyTree team got their hands dirty planting trees with Friends of Trees on 18th and Oak. They helped plant 10 trees in the area as part of the Trees for Concrete program.

The Trees for Concrete program consists of removing big chunks of unnecessary sidewalk, bringing in new soil, and planting trees appropriate for the site.

Benefits of trees in the city:
  • Reduce noise
  • Filter the air and water
  • Decrease stress and improve mood
  • Add beauty
  • Provide animals with food and shelter
  • Help with energy conservation

“What a joy it is to take a bleak area (a whole block on 18th Avenue) with virtually no trees by the street and soften it up with greenery for future generations!”           

-Jonathan Brandt                     


Thank you to Friends of Trees!

JourneyTree staff, Pack family, and Erik Burke (Eugene Friends of Trees Director)

Michelle, Jennifer, and Gary (the first tree they planted)

The Pack family – Tim, Irina, and John

Sara Brandt and Friends of Trees crew leader